About Us

The perpetual challenge that patients face in finding the right caregiver near them at the most affordable price- this is what made us incubate Else Health Care, We Carers. The journey of searching for the right kind of care at home has never been easy. Our 3 years of extensive experience as a Managed service provider has given us an in-depth insight into the concept of caregiving and the nuances of it. Caring is a personal experience, wherein affordability plays a major role. Each individual has a unique set of home care requirements, whereas, on the caregivers front, they are equipped with unique skill sets. The challenge is to find the right fit, to be able to establish comfortable caretaker and caregiver relationships, and most importantly, to sustain this relation in the long run.

Else Health Care is committed to helping you care for the health and well-being of your loved ones at your home itself. We understand that nothing is better than being in the comfort of home, surrounded by family and friends. We can be there, when you can’t, to help your aging parents and other elderly family members live their golden years at home.

We have a team of highly skillful and professional doctors, nurses, attendants, and physiotherapists who treat the patients with the best quality of services so that they can come back to their normal life from diseases and can lead a healthy lifestyle. We also offer our trained and personal expertise to corporates and industries for managing their employee’s health.